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Our genuine passion for hospitality and Chef Marco’s 22 years of cooking experience around the globe will take you to Italy without making you leave California!

Our Values


We bring the flavor and traditions of Italy to your table. We focus on fresh pasta dishes inspired by Chef Marco’s family and home-town recipes from the region of Puglia, to hug all the different regions of Italy, in a journey that wants to give to our customers the best experience of the Italian cuisine. Orecchiette, Cavatelli, Bucatini, Gnocchi are just some of the pasta shapes that we make everyday in our kitchen. Our menu and wine list express this promise.

Freshness, Seasonality, and Quality

We believe that correctly combining ingredients with some high-quality imported products can be the best way to reach the real Italian cuisine experience in Orange County.


We source the best seasonal ingredients, and we connect directly with the people who grow and produce the ingredients for our dishes. We understand the importance of working closely with local farmers, fisherman, and cheesemakers. We regularly visit farmers markets, and hand select the freshest vegetables and fruit to use in our daily specials and fresh home-made pasta. In addition to local produce, we take pride on sourcing the best imported specialty items directly from Italy, such as perfectly aged Parmigiano Reggiano, drum wheat, legumes , and delicate extra virgin olive oil.

Italian Style 

We can take you on a road trip to Italy without making you leave California through the restaurant’s atmosphere, decor, furniture, wall accents, softly playing Italian music, menu, Italian wine selection, and last but not least, our warm Italian hospitality.

What’s Trullo ?

A trullo (plural trulli) is a traditional stone house with a conical roof, typically found in southern Italy in the region of Puglia where Chef Marco grew up. These unique structures are known for their distinct appearance and historical significance. Trulli were traditionally built using dry-stone techniques, where stones are stacked without the use of mortar. 

They were originally used as dwellings or farmhouses and are often surrounded by beautiful countryside landscapes. The ingenuity led the people to create buildings that could be demolished with ease. In fact, when the king's delegate was about to collect taxes, it was enough to remove the keystone and then the houses were transformed into piles of stones.

Nowadays, trulli are popular tourist attractions and some have been converted into charming holiday homes. Chef Marco's familiarity with a trullo started with his grandparents who, back in the days, grew up in these iconic buildings. In 2008 Chef Marco was able to acquire an old trullo in Puglia and convert it to a modern charming home.

Our Team